Accept payments with your phone.

No extra hardware, devices or dongles required.
Zero monthly fees or sign-up costs.

QR Code payment app

Simplify your payments with Pebl

With Pebl, your smartphone is your eftpos machine and more. Start accepting payments today.

Quick & easy setup

Sign-up with any bank account and accept your first payment in 5min.

100% contactless

Accept payments via QR code and payment links.

No extra costs

No sign-up or monthly fees. You only pay

*This can be surcharged.

Grow your team

Add unlimited team members at no extra cost.

Scan, Tap or Share To Pay

Spend less time chasing payments and more time on your business.

In seconds, generate a transaction for your customers to pay with their preferred payment method via: -
- QR code
- Tap To Pay (coming soon)
- Payment Link

QR code payment solutionQR Code payment for businesses
Business getting paid with QR code

Mobile Point-of-sale

Create, edit and manage an unlimited number of products, customers and team members for free.

The Pebl app is available on your Android, Apple or Desktop, ensuring the data that drives your business will be forever at your fingertips.

How It Works


Create a new transaction.


Present QR code or share as a link.


Customer pays. Receipt sent via email.


Scan QR code or click the shared link.


Select payment method and authorise payment.


Payment successful. Receipt is received via email.


Card Transaction Fee

2.2% + 20¢
per transaction

Instant Transfer (PayID)

per transaction

Set-up or Monthly Fees

Yes, nothing.

What some of our 200+ customers say

So Helpful
"Pebl is helping the business accept more remote sales from our VIP customers across all of our 17 stores.”

Carlos P
Max Mara

Simple & Flexible
"We used Pebl's QR codes on the menus, big screen and posters around our event. It was very easy to use."

Danielle B
Melbourne Storm

Quick & Easy Payments
"Pebl helps us improve cashflow by enabling us to take payments on the spot, rather than chase clients later."

Lindsay W
Greenfriends Gardens

Easy to use
"Taking a payment is quick & easy with Pebl. The app is simple and does everything we need it to do!”

Donna M
Bluebird Driving School

Perfect for events
"When we needed a way to take payments for our upcoming charity event, Pebl was the easy answer"

Michelle R
Azzurri Concrete

No more cash
"Using just one mobile device, we now accept all card payments and sell way more merchandaise on game days!"

Beau R
Panorama Football Club

Accept your first payment in 5 minutes

Zero lock-in contracts, monthly fees or set-up costs.
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QR Code payment solution