How Tap-to-Pay on Smartphones Can Revolutionise Donations for Australian Non-Profits


Katelin Johnston
October 27, 2023

How Tap-to-Pay on Smartphones Can Revolutionise Donations for Australian Non-Profits

Donations are the cornerstone of any non-profit organisation, essential for driving impactful projects and community programs. Advances in technology have made giving more accessible and efficient. The recent roll-out of "Tap to Pay" features by Apple and Android has introduced an era of contactless payments, processed directly through eligible smartphones. In this transformative landscape, Pebl stands as a compelling solution. With seamless integration with Tap to Pay, Pebl is poised to redefine the donation experience for Australian non-profits.

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The Old Way: Limitations of Traditional Fundraising Methods

Traditional fundraising strategies for not-for-profits—such as mailers, telethons, in-person events, and online portals—come with limitations:

  • High Setup Costs: Investments in infrastructure and marketing materials can be costly.
  • Time-consuming Processes: Handling cheques and reconciling payments are tedious tasks.
  • Limited Reach: Traditional methods can often fail to engage potential donors effectively.
  • Challenges for Teams: Legacy systems can be cumbersome and not easily accessible for volunteers or on-the-go teams.

Imagine hosting a gala or a charity run. Instead of setting up complicated payment terminals or dealing with cash, volunteers can simply use their own smartphones to accept donations on the spot.

Why Tap-to-Pay is the Future on Smartphones

Instant and Direct Payments

With Tap to Pay, donors can simply tap their contactless cards or payment-enabled devices against an eligible smartphone, making the transaction instantaneous and incredibly efficient.

Safety and Convenience

In a health-conscious world where contact minimization is paramount, Tap to Pay offers a secure and contactless method for transactions, without the need for any extra devices or payment hardware (e.g. card machines, eftpos terminals etc).

Universal Acceptance

Tap to Pay on smartphones is compatible with all major credit and debit cards, as well as digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayID.

Introducing Pebl: The One-Stop Solution with Tap to Pay

Pebl is not just another payment processor; it's a versatile solution meticulously crafted with non-profits in mind:

  • Ease of Setup: Just download the app on an eligible iPhone or Android device, with no need for extra equipment or setup costs.
  • Team Friendliness: Enabling new volunteers or team members to accept donations takes mere seconds.
  • Surcharging: Thanks to Pebl's surcharging feature, you can give your donators the ability to cover the transaction fee so that more of the donation goes towards the cause.
  • Web Dashboard: A straightforward interface allows for easy management of transactions and accounts.

How Pebl Stands Out from Competitors

When it comes to payment processing, Pebl offers clear advantages over conventional solutions like Square, PayPal, Tyro, and the Big 4 Australian banks:

  • Surcharging: Pebl allows not-for-profits, charities and organisations to automatically pass on transaction fees to their customers or event guests.
  • No Monthly Fees or Set-up Costs: You won’t be charged anything for not using Pebl. You only pay for what transactions go through.
  • Quick Setup: Get started in as little as five minutes, as opposed to traditional methods that can be time-consuming and complex.
  • Scalability: Pebl is designed to cater to both small volunteer-run organizations and large, enterprise-level non-profits. Get teams of volunteers or staff members set up with Pebl in 30 seconds. They’ll be able to use their own phone to accept payments for your organisation.