How to Create an Invoice Using a Mobile Phone


Asha Cole
July 8, 2024

In today's quick paced business world efficient invoicing is essential for managing cash flow and ensuring payments.

Whether you're a business owner, freelancer or self employed professional the ability to create and send invoices quickly and effectively can have an impact on your financial processes. 

Mobile applications have transformed how we handle invoicing making it simpler and more convenient than ever to bill clients on the move.

In this guide we'll take you through the steps of generating an invoice using your smartphone with an invoicing app. 

Initiating an invoice is a process when using a mobile invoicing application that allows for seamless billing from any location.

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How to set up a new invoice

To begin, launch the invoicing app of your choice on your smartphone. 

Pebl may be a good fit for you with its speedy setup time (as little as 5 minutes) and seamless Xero integration.

Select the option to create an invoice. From there you'll most likely be guided to an invoice template crafted for user friendliness. This template acts as your starting point that can be tailored to suit your business requirements.

If you're looking to give your invoices a touch, most apps provide tools for incorporating your business logo, customizing the layout and adding unique elements to set your invoices apart from generic ones. 

These template options not enhance the look of your invoicing process but also maintain a consistent brand image across all client interactions. This customization feature is especially beneficial for business owners and freelancers who want to make an impression on their clients.

Before proceeding make sure to adjust your invoice settings – such as currency, language and date format – to align with your clients preferences. This initial setup sets the stage for an invoicing experience making future invoice creations faster and more efficient. With the foundation in place you can now move on to inputting client details and service information getting you closer to receiving payments.

This can all be done on Xero before connecting your account to Pebl.

Pebl may be a good fit for you with its speedy setup time (as little as 5 minutes) and seamless Xero integration.

Enter your client information

Accurate entry of client information is key when creating an invoice using an invoicing app. This step guarantees that your invoice reaches the intended recipient with all details, for communication and payment processing.

To start off, fill in the necessary client particulars in the specified fields. Begin by entering the company name as it establishes the entity being billed.

Pebl makes this easy by automatically syncing all of your Xero contacts to your Pebl app. You can also choose from existing customers already sitting in the customer management area of Pebl.

Next make sure to include the contact person – the one handling invoices and making payments. Clearly stating this individual ensures that your invoice reaches the person within the company.

After this include the business address of the company. This address is used for communications or official documentation. Providing a phone number and email for the contact person gives communication options in case there are queries or concerns about the invoice.

Many applications have features that allow you to import contacts, which can help fill in these fields quickly if the client details are already saved in your system. This saves time. Reduces errors from entry.

Having all this information accurate and complete shows professionalism. It also helps prevent potential delays. Incorrect or missing client details can lead to confusion and payment hold ups impacting your cash flow.

By checking every detail you pave the way for a transaction and nurture a professional rapport with your client.

Include details about your product or service

Once you've inputted the clients details, a step when creating an invoice through an app is outlining the products or services delivered.

It's important to be transparent and clear when it comes to outlining charges for your clients to understand and facilitate the payment process smoothly.

Begin by listing each product or service separately, with names rather than using vague descriptions. For instance, mentioning "consulting " specifies the type of consulting provided. 

Using Pebl and Xero, you can instantly do this by selecting from your saved products when creating a Xero invoice from the Pebl app.

Detailed descriptions help clients appreciate the value of your work and reduce the need for back and forth communication.

Include the quantity of each item or hours spent on a service along with a price per unit or hour. These details are crucial for calculating subtotals and contribute to the professionalism of your invoice.

Pebl also allows you to create “service products”. You can select the price of these products when creating a Xero invoice from the Pebl app. See how to here.

Additionally, itemize any charges or discounts clearly. If there are any discounts, rebates or special offers mention them explicitly to maintain a pricing structure. If you offer services at discounted rates ensure they are clearly outlined and explained.

Set the payment terms

Establishing payment terms is vital in invoicing to ensure both parties agree on how and when payments should be made.

When you use an invoicing app on your phone you can easily outline these details promoting professional customer service.

Start by specifying the payment methods you accept. Whether it's credit cards, bank transfers, checks or online platforms like Pebl clearly stating these choices gives your client the information they need to finalize the payment. Offering options can also speed up payments since clients can pick what works best for them.

Next clarify the payment deadline. Common terms are Net 30 Net 15 or immediate payment upon receipt based on your agreement with the client. Being clear about the date helps clients plan their finances and ensures regular cash flow for your business.

Once all this is set up you can send out your invoice via your invoice provider - or by shareable Payment Request Links with Pebl.