The 3 Best QR Code Payment Apps


Pebl Team
May 6, 2024

QR code payment apps are increasingly dominating the payment processing landscape...

...due to their ability to provide startups and small businesses with quick, easy, and secure payment processing.

Yet, choosing the best fit among the numerous options available can be difficult. To help you with this process, we’ve put together a review of the top three QR code payment apps on the market:

  • Pebl
  • Lightspeed Retail POS
  • Square POS

Read on below to understand what benefits each of these apps provides, and how to choose the right one for your business.

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Pebl - best all-around QR code payment app

Pebl emerges as the outstanding all-around QR code payment app that provides high quality payment processing abilities for service based businesses, retail, and even on-the-go businesses such as food trucks and delivery services.

Pebl is a free app available for both Android and iOS devices that not only allows businesses to accept payments anywhere and anytime, but also comes with a user-friendly interface. The intuitive design ensures that managing transactions is prompt and effective, even for those not particularly tech-savvy.

The affordability of Pebl makes it highly appealing to small businesses. There are no intimidating upfront costs or recurring monthly charges such as with other providers; businesses pay a nominal percentage fee per transaction which can be surcharged at the discretion of the business. This pay-as-you-go system is a boon for startups and small businesses that are mindful of managing operating costs while expanding their operations.

The allure of Pebl extends to the administrative side as well. Businesses can add an incline in liberty, adding an unlimited number of team members on the app, making it spectacularly handy during high-demand periods such as at charity events or fundraisers.. It allows businesses to streamline faster transactions and ensures that every sale is tracked and recorded in detail.

The application also allows a significant level of control by enabling businesses to compose comprehensive product lists that can be accessed and used during transactions. As a result, businesses can simply scan the QR code of the product, making transactions even faster and more accurate.

Ultimately, Pebl POS exemplifies an excellent all-around QR code payment solution for businesses keen to simplify their operations. By combining convenience, affordability, accessibility, and user-friendly operation, Pebl POS provides a reliable and popular choice for small businesses in need of an efficient QR code payment app.

Lightspeed Retail POS - QR code payment app

Lightspeed Retail POS is a QR code payment app that provides advanced functionality, and its key strength lies its comprehensive feature set, which has been consistently improved over the years to correspond to evolving business needs.

Among these advanced capabilities, the inbuilt QR code payment facility stands out because it streamlines the payment process, enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Lightspeed's Retail POS system offers a secure QR code payment feature that simplifies the payment process making transactions quick and effortless. It reduces the need for physical POS equipment while also catering to customers' preferences for contactless transactions.

While Lightspeed's sophisticated platform isn't the simplest to navigate, its wealth of training materials, coupled with excellent customer support, minimizes the steep learning curve most businesses experience when new to POS systems.

Square POS - best QR code payment app for restaurants

Serving as an exceptional Point of Sale system equipped with QR code payment capabilities, Square POS has seen acclaim for its seamless embrace of contactless technology and specifically tailored features for restaurants.

The Square POS app enables handheld and instant tableside payment capabilities through QR code scanning -- a forward-thinking innovation that leaves traditional systems trailing. Notably, adopting such technology gives restaurants a competitive edge, dramatically improving service efficiency, speeding up table turns, and in turn, boosting revenue.

In addition to this, Square POS also enables online ordering, which affords restaurants the agility to adapt to shifting business environments, and empowers them to embrace new sales models such as takeout and delivery with ease.

In conclusion Square POS provides a high quality QR code payment solution for the restaurant industry and different monthly payment plans can be chosen as well as a per transaction fee. Hardware is extra.Its array of features tailored for this specific sphere and integrative capabilities offer an unrivaled approach to the business model shifts, a testament to its status as a game-changer in the QR code payment apps milieu.

How to choose the right QR code payment app for your business

Choosing the right QR code payment app for your small or mid-size business requires considering several factors. You need to ensure ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and suitability to your business model.

QR code apps such as Pebl can be an affordable option for many businesses due to their pay-per-transaction pricing model with no extra cost, making them a good choice for businesses with variable customer footfall. If your business model combines physical and online selling, Square’s QR code payment option might be more suitable, as it seamlessly blends online and physical sales.

Meanwhile, apps like Lightspeed Retail offer advanced features, boasting comprehensive functionality with their integrated QR code payment systems. It offers a combined electronic fund transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) terminal, making the payment process easier for the customer.

However, selecting the right app often boils down to understanding your business's specific needs and budget constraints. Some apps may offer advanced features but at a higher cost, while others may lack certain functions but are more affordable.

Carefully examine your business’s goals, customer behavior, and revenues, as this will determine which QR code payment app is right for your business – one that maximizes your return on investment, increases operational efficiency, and provides an enhanced customer experience.