The Top 5 Mobile Invoicing Apps of 2024


Laurence Kreiger
July 9, 2024

Table of content:

In the world of modern business, having efficient and smooth processes is more important now than ever before.

An aspect that has greatly advanced due to modern technology is invoicing. Traditional methods of invoicing can be time consuming, prone to mistakes, and often result in delayed payments.

This is where mobile invoicing apps come in. Tools created to simplify and improve the billing process whether you're working in the office or on the move.

These apps provide a variety of functions from creating invoices and automating reminders to integrating with payment systems and accounting software.

This review highlights the best invoicing apps for this year,  aiding you in selecting the ideal tool to streamline your invoicing duties and enhance your businesses efficiency and profitability.

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Xero shines as an accounting solution, known for its strong invoicing capabilities, alongside other features. Tailored to streamline management for small-to-medium businesses, Xero is especially recognized for its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

One standout feature of Xero is its ability to send invoices directly from both desktop and mobile applications ensuring that business owners can handle receivables no matter where they are.

The application makes it easier to send out reminders, for payments reducing the need for follow ups and increasing the chances of receiving payments on time. Moreover Xero provides a range of customization options that allow users to personalize their invoices to match their company's brand.

Integration features further improve Xeros functionality. The application seamlessly connects with Pebl, a mobile payment platform enabling businesses to offer a convenient payment experience to their customers. This integration speeds up the payment process by enabling businesses, and their teams, to accept card and PayID payments from their existing mobile phone. This can be done via Tap to Pay on iPhone, Tap to Pay on Android, or via QR code and shareable Payment Links. And also enhances customer satisfaction.


Zoho Invoice is a choice among businesses and freelancers offering an intuitive and robust invoicing solution as part of Zoho’s comprehensive suite of business tools. Known for its simplicity Zoho Invoice makes it extremely easy for users to create, send and manage invoices streamlining their activities.

Zoho Invoice excels in providing a user interface that simplifies the invoicing process. Users can easily. Send invoices making billing effortless. The application supports reminders for payments ensuring payments without requiring constant follow up.

In addition to invoicing functions Zoho Invoice offers features that enhance its usefulness. It includes payment tracking capabilities that enable users to keep track of invoice statuses and promptly identify payments.

Zoho Invoice also includes project management features allowing users to easily monitor hours and handle projects at once. Additionally the app supports payment acceptance giving clients convenient payment options.


Square is a name in the point of sale (POS) industry offering more than retail transaction services. Along with its ecosystem of services Square provides an invoicing application that streamlines billing processes and integrates smoothly with its offerings.

The invoicing app from Square enables users to create and send invoices directly from their devices whether they use iOS or Android. It syncs with the Square dashboard for an experience across desktop platforms ensuring business owners can access and manage invoicing data from anywhere.

An outstanding feature of Square's invoicing solution is its integration with their POS systems. This integration enables businesses to efficiently track revenue streams and seamlessly manage processes. Additionally Square offers templates, recurring invoices and automated payment reminders to boost productivity and ensure payments.

Square also offers a variety of payment options making it easy for customers to pay invoices online and streamlining the payment process for everyone involved.


Invoice2go, is a mobile invoicing solution known for its user approach and versatility. It caters specifically to businesses, freelancers and contractors by providing a range of features that aim to simplify invoicing tasks and improve overall business efficiency.

One of the features of Invoice2go is its tools that allow users to create and send professional invoices directly from their mobile devices. The app offers a selection of templates to help maintain consistent branding and professionalism. Automation features like recurring invoices and payment reminders help businesses manage their receivables effortlessly.

A noteworthy aspect of Invoice2go is its expense tracking and reporting functions. Users can easily record expenses, attach receipts and track spending patterns to gain insights into their well being. The app also allows for conversion of estimates into invoices enhancing efficiency.

Furthermore, Invoice2go seamlessly integrates with payment gateways giving clients the flexibility to settle invoices online using their payment methods.

This flexibility enhances the chances of receiving payments and enhances the management of cash flow. For businesses that operate internationally Invoice2go offers support for currencies and tax settings making it adaptable for operations.