Top 5 Reasons Why Australian Trades Should Switch to Tap-to-Pay Today


Keanu Beer
October 27, 2023

Top 5 Reasons Why Australian Trades Should Switch to Tap-to-Pay Today

In an age where smartphones have practically become an extension of our hands, it's no surprise that payment methods are evolving to keep pace. Gone are the days of fumbling for change, chasing bank transfers, or tediously inserting a card into an EFTPOS terminal. Tap-to-pay is the latest sensation, simplifying transactions into a mere tap of your mobile device or contactless card against a compatible smartphone. Available on both Android and Apple devices, tap-to-pay uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to facilitate these swift and secure exchanges. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into why Australian trades should embrace this modern payment method.

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Reason 1: Speed and Efficiency

“Time is money”, as they say in the trades. The quicker you can complete a transaction, the sooner you can get on with the next job. Tap-to-pay is the Usain Bolt of payment methods, completing transactions in mere seconds. The age-old process of inserting or swiping cards, typing in PINs, and waiting for a receipt seems glacial in comparison.

Technology waits for no one. Adopting tap-to-pay means you're positioning your business to be on the cutting edge, ready to adopt new advancements as they roll out.

Reason 2: Enhanced Security

Say goodbye to the security risks of dealing with wads of cash or the potential for skimming in traditional card transactions. Tap-to-pay technologies employ advanced encryption and tokenization to make every transaction secure. Rest easy knowing your customer's payment details are guarded like an impenetrable fortress.

Reason 3: Reduced Operating Costs

Contactless payments aren't just about making life easier for your customers—they’re a boon for your bottom line too. Reduced cash handling means fewer chances for errors or theft, and electronic records simplify accounting tasks. Plus, you can skip the costs often associated with traditional payment hardware.

Reason 4: Improved Customer Experience

Convenience is king in the modern marketplace. Tap-to-pay satisfies today's consumer craving for quick and simple interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience. With just a quick tap of a card or mobile device, your customers can be on their merry way, singing the praises of your efficient service.