What Are the Advantages of Mobile POS Systems? (7 Key Benefits Explained)


Laurence Kreiger
March 27, 2024

As modern retail technology continues to evolve, businesses adopt new ways to improve both their operations and customer experience.

One piece of technology making significant strides forward in recent years is the mobile point-of-sale (POS) system.

Mobile POS systems offer much more than just the ability to process payments. They can help streamline operations, reduce costs and enhance service delivery across many industries ranging from restaurants to boutiques, as well as independent contractors.

In this article we’ll cover the key advantages offered by mobile POS systems, and how they can enhance performance and give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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What are the key benefits of mPOS?

Let’s take a quick look a the 7 key advantages provided by mobile POS systems:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Ability to receive payments anywhere & anytime
  • Improved customer experience
  • Wide variety of payment options
  • Customer data tracking
  • Inventory management

Now let’s dive into the details and look at each of these benefits more closely.

The latest generations of mPOS apps enable anyone with a tablet or smartphone to set up their POS system quickly and easily.

Mobile POS systems are easy to use

The latest generations of mPOS apps enable anyone with a tablet or smartphone to set up their POS system quickly and easily. Most mPOS apps are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, which means you can download them from either Google Play or the Apple Store.

What makes these mobile POS systems unique is that they don’t even require additional POS hardware like mobile card readers, barcode scanners or printers. Instead, they use your device's camera for scanning barcodes at checkout.

This approach eliminates the need for additional hardware, which not only makes POS set up easier, but also cuts down on costs significantly.

Using mPOS is highly cost effective

As mentioned above, the latest generations of mPOS apps don’t require any additional hardware, which makes them highly affordable and cost effective for startup businesses. 

For some apps you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription, but for others (such as Pebl), you don’t even need to pay any upfront fees. Instead, you’ll get charged a small percentage of every payment processed with the app.

Since many small businesses launch with limited capital, the low cost of mobile POS solutions is extremely beneficial for them.

mPOS allows you to receive payments anywhere & anytime

One of the principal advantages that mPOS offers is the flexibility of accepting payments from anywhere at any time. With an mPOS, you're not restricted to a fixed counter or checkout station; instead, the sales process can happen right where your customer is.

This could be inside your store, at craft fairs and trade shows, or on your customer’s doorsteps (if you're offering home-repair services or consulting), or even outdoors at a fair or in a food truck.

The mobile nature of mPOS means that queues are shortened and wait times reduced significantly; there's less friction at checkout leading to improved customer experience and loyalty. Mobility also empowers sales associates to improve their interactions as they're not just tied behind a counter but can engage more effectively with clients on many levels.

Even outside of business hours, mobile POS allows you to process payments around the clock, serving customers across different time zones with ease. This aspect of mPOS affords small and large-scale businesses alike an easy way to process transactions irrespective of location or time.